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Tahama Company for Industry and Commerce (contribution Yemeni closed company) was founded in 1989 As a member of Al Rowaishan group of companies which is  one of the largest economic groups In Yemen .

Since the beginning, we strive as the perfect  packaging partner for the participation of all our clients in different markets. Success in achieving the goals. We always remain at the level of responsibility of our business and our commitments to manufacture all the requirements of customers of packaging materials in a quality with international standards and competitive prices. we focuses on our customers' gains and adding value in them packaging options to enhance their competitiveness and them own benefits .


Our Activities

Industrial Activity:

The company has an integrated factory equipped with modern machinery, equipment and technologies for the manufacture and production of packaging. We provide customers with all kinds of polypropylene bags of different sizes.

commercial activities:

In addition to export our products abroad, the company imports machinery, equipment and materials related to the general activity of similar companies in addition to marketing and distribution locally and regionally and pursues an unending ambition to reach other international markets to become an ideal partner for various packaging services.

The company began its activity in producing woven bags to meet the needs of the local market and the sister companies, and has been a leader in the market over the past years, dealing with all the variables of the local and regional markets and its diligent and studied world markets to meet all the needs and Customer desires and competitive position have strengthened its position with its customers and in view of growing domestic demand and in response to the great confidence that our customers have given our partners in success, the company is doing a planned expansion of the factory  by adding new production lines to increase production capacity, Which resulted in a growth and increase in sales activity accompanied by enhancing our capabilities in marketing activity. This represents a continuous study of new markets to  open the new local and  regional levels in markets  and export to several countries.


As a result of the dedication, creativity, innovation and the latest machinery, equipment, and advanced European technologies, the brand of Tahama Industry & Commerce has become an integrated guide to the quality of our customers locally and regionally.

Our Vision :

Leadership and excellence locally and regionally and supporting customers in achieving additional gains by relying on their partner in the optimum production of packaging means.

Our Mission :

We strive to manufacture only the best products that meet and exceed the needs of our clients and standards locally and regionally.

Our Values :

  • Teamwork
  • Transparency and Consistency
  • Development and Progress.



Our Products



Products :

Polypropylene bags in  various types and  sizes for packing flour, wheat, rice, bran, fodder, fertilizers, chemicals ... and other uses.


Our real distinction is in our full attention to the demands of our customers plus the flexibility and diversity of customer choices. We have provided a wide range of options, which depend on special elements in product specifications, making them the most robust to save our customers' products.

  • capacities: covering all customer requests to achieve the  minimum costs of filling products.
  • denier: according to the specifications adopted globally in line with the nature and quality of packaging products customers.
  • Knitting: Various sizes according to the specifications of our customers products,
  • Printing: All colors .. All sizes

 Our Local Markets:

The Company works towards offering all of the sack needs of the local market for the commerce sector, the agricultural sector, and the manufacturing sector .

 Our Regional Markets:

Due to our success and our confidence in our future success, we have opened international business relations with companies in the region .






The Quality :

Quality has a special place in the production process and there is a specialized department that follows the production process and the quality of the product at all stages of its production. The Quality Department provides the necessary equipment to carry out all basic tests for quality assurance and compliance with the standards and specification adopted in its industrial sector.


Customer Service: Our clients are our success partners.

As the perfect packaging partner, we offer a high quality product range to our customers and we are fully prepared to meet their needs and achieve their goals in all their commercial and industrial activities through the customer database in modern and sophisticated methods. Our interest is to analyze the nature of customer activity and analysis of marketing trends and work to keep abreast of all their observations on our products, and take effective measures to adapt their requirements to every new one.



Unique Titles


Marketing :

The sales and marketing team carries out continuous periodic visits to all our current and prospective customers, to identify all their suggestions and observations, to collect all data and information, to analyze and draw results and to work with the team in the company to activate all this in the form of productive outputs, In enhancing our partnership with customers in the way of success.

Promotion activities :

Our strategy is to promote and build our brand and consolidate its presence in the leadership of the market based on creativity in activating our role as the perfect packing partner with our consumers , and this comes through many marketing and promotional  strategies , including :

  • Promote marketing mix through productive output by giving competitive pricing which totally linked with  the quality, durability and diversity of customer products.
  • Interactive in the promotional activities of the most important sales incentives as well as the planned and efficient programs directly to customers.
  • Participation of our customers in all planned promotional activities, either directly supporting activities or contributing to the provision of technical and marketing consultations.
  • We are always keen to add the promotional dimension required for the products of our customers and partners, the output of our production requests for packing as a promotional and advertising because of the quality of technical specifications in the design and finishing touches.

Studies and Surveys we conduct with our Customers:

In order to keep abreast of developments in the field of packaging, our successful team is keen to upgrade the quality of products and services provided to customers, and we always seek to plan and implement advanced research, research and development programs that are specialized for our current and future customers.

  • Measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Customer determinations in purchasing decisions.
  • Developing the company's products in line with developments in the packaging market.
  • Improving performance in measuring the changes and market trends of the consumers of our customers and their target.
  • Studying local and foreign markets, even with regard to the activities of our clients.




Training activities: the secret of our excellence in our team....

team working and integration is the secret of our excellence and this is actually done by honing the skills of the team through the planned and continuous training and upgrading the culture of work that develop the capabilities of our team and individual and collective to achieve the objectives of the optimal partnership for customers and the company's administrative and technical work.


Our Training Center :

Modern and effective center  which consists of a large conference room that is equipped with the necessary tools to be used as a training facility for our employees.


Our Goal :

The Center carries out various training programs for the employees of the company and works to raise their skills and abilities and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to raise the level of knowledge and technical performance of employees and workers.



  • Specification Office furniture designed training halls and meeting.
  • Modern multimedia lab with all required tools.
  • Integrated library containing the latest versions of administrative, production, marketing and engineering books.

The Training Seminars That We Offer :

1. A Seminar on the Balanced Scorecard used by Al Rowaishan Group.

2. A Practical Seminar on the bi-yearly performance reviews.

3. A Seminar on Archiving Documents.

4. A Seminar on storage organization and how to take stock.


As well as outside training seminars that our employees attend  :

A Seminar in Developing Human Resources.

A Seminar on Maintenance and the BLCS program.


Security and safety system:

Our staff is our most precious asset. The safety of human capital comes first. Our system of industrial safety and security is based on ensuring industrial safety to the maximum extent possible.

Practical Safety Steps :

1-Providing the correct safety and security tools to our employees.

2-Storing our products and the raw materials that we use in the correct fashion according to the safety instructions provided with them.

3-Always thinking of safety first, before starting any work.

4-Providing the correct safety devices (like fire extinguishers) and making them easily accessible all over our factory.

5-Providing the correct first aid kits around the factory.

6-Start a contract with a private hospital to take our emergencies and injured employees.

7-Run routine checkup for all of our employees.


Providing a Safe Working Environment for our Employees :

- Provide routine medical checkups for our employees.

- Follow directions that foster cleanliness and healthy habits .


Our Training Seminars Regarding Safety :

1-First Aid classes for our employees.

2-Safety seminars that teach new employees about the dangers of the workplace and the safety precautions that needs to be taken.

3-Training courses in the use and maintenance of the heavy machinery in the factory, and how to lower the amount of accidents through correct usage .

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